Thursday, September 3, 2015

Kim Davis is JAILED!

A federal judge in Kentucky TODAY ordered the moron and defiant county clerk jailed for contempt of court because of her refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, despite a Supreme Court ruling against her.

When asked, on video, on who's authority she as acting under, she said "God's".  She refused, and told her office to refuse, any marriage licenses to any gay couples. She is one of those idiot, brain stem functioning morons who say being gay is against her religion because apparently, the Bible says so. But being married 4 times, divorced 3 times, pregnant by your 3rd husband while still married to your 2nd husband is ALL perfectly OK by the rules of the Bible. 

I've been waiting for a house to fall on this idiot. Today, it did. The jail house!

Kim Davis of Rowan County, was sent to jail after a hearing before Judge David L. Bunning of Federal District Court. This idiot Kathy Bates looking moron argues that she should not be forced to issue licenses that conflict with her religious beliefs. GET ANOTHER JOB THAT YOU CAN ACTUALLY PERFORM THEN!  She doesn't work for a church, she works for the government. If your government goes against your beliefs....time to find another job.

“The court cannot condone the willful disobedience of its lawfully issued order,” said Judge Bunning. “If you give people the opportunity to choose which orders they follow, that’s what potentially causes problems.”

Rand Paul, The Republican presidential candidate, told CNN it was “absurd to put someone in jail for exercising their religious liberties.” What's absurd is to FORCE your religious beliefs on strangers paying your for a service. Shut up, Rand!

EVERYONE in this country is bound under government laws. 
NOT EVERYONE is bound under one religion!

At the hearing, Judge Bunning told Ms. Davis that she would be released once she agreed to comply with his order and issue the marriage licenses.

Moron Davis tearfully testified that she had not hesitated to stand by her religious views and defy the courts. “I didn’t have to think about it,” she said. “There was no choice there.” Aww....boohoo. You have no choice what so ever than to do your job? There is not another job out there? There is nothing else you could do? Ever? Shut up!

At the hearing, Ms. Davis was asked how she defined marriage. “Marriage is between one man and one woman,” she replied, before a lawyer asked her whether she had “the ability to believe marriage is anything else.” Ms. Davis offered a terse response: “No.”

Later, one of the women who has unsuccessfully sought a marriage license in Rowan County, April Miller, told Judge Bunning that Ms. Davis’s stand “marginalizes us again.”

Judge Bunning left little doubt about his thinking, and said Ms. Davis’s explanation for disobeying his order was “simply insufficient.”

“It’s not physically impossible for her to issue the licenses,” he said. “She’s choosing not to.”

Lawyers for the couples had asked Judge Bunning to fine Ms. Davis and not send her to jail, but the judge said he thought that a fine would not be enough to prompt the clerk’s compliance. I say fuck compliance. Fire her. This is a dismiss-able offence in my opinion. She cannot.....will not.....perform her job. Grounds for a firing. However, since she's an elected official, it's the Kentucky State Government that can only have her removed. And sending her to jail is the first step. 

Hopefully the next steps and dismissal come swiftly, because if you can't do your job you shouldn't have that job. 

Supporters and opponents of Ms. Davis gathered outside the federal courthouse here Thursday hours before she was due to appear. One man waved a rainbow flag — a symbol of the gay rights movement — while another clutched a flag that said, “Liberty.”

And, of course, every moron has supporters. Even this moron. So they gathered ahead of a hearing they called critical to protecting religious liberty in Kentucky and elsewhere.

“They’re taking rights away from Christians,” Danny Kinder, a 73-year-old retiree from Morehead, said of the courts. “They’ve overstepped their bounds.”

You don't have to be a Christian to live here....but you do have to obey the laws to live here. So, shut up. 

Go 'pray' about it. See how far that gets the laws changed and allows a bigot to deny humans their rights under man's law. 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Easiest Most Refreshing Dessert EVER

It's been a little busy around youngest FINALLY got back from England with her boyfriend in tow and my oldest made a surprise roadtrip to surprise me this week! I've fallen behind on the Capture Your 365 project and keeping up with my house cleaning. Oh, and my shingles thought it would be awesome to make an appearance and also spring up in two new locations. 

Yay. And whew. 

The kids were in the mood for a refreshing dessert...given that it's the temperature of the sun here in Central Texas and we had just got a fresh pineapple. So, I made the easiest refreshing thing ever. Pineapple Sorbet in a pineapple shell!

Start off with a fresh pineapple and a good knife.

Cut it in half

I cut around the pineapple, careful to not go 
through the skin. Then score squares.

Scoop all the meat out.
There's you're bowls!

There's your meat!

I stuck them all in the freezer

The next evening, I blended the frozen pineapple
with some juice

Voila! Sorbet!

Added some fresh strawberries!

Easy, healthy, no sugar added, no preservatives!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Homemade Peanut Butter

I need a new food processor. Or a new brain. I think mine is way loud. I now have a headache from making delicious peanut butter.

That's what I get for being a moron with chronic migraines. Literally anything can set it off. Now, the crick in my neck decided to reappear. I JUST WANTED PEANUT BUTTER!

I'll live.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Yelling At A Toddler Does Not Make You A Hero

By now, we've all heard the yell gone 'round the world.

Darla Neugebauer, owner of Marcy's Diner in Portland, OR, is a hero to some (more that should be) and a monster to others. 

It happened on a rainy morning, July 22 to be precise, that Tara Carlson, her husband and 21 month old daughter went to have breakfast at Marcy's Diner.  According to Tara, the wait was about 40 minutes and in that time her toddler (as most will) became fussy and impatient. She recounts that no one around them seemed annoyed or were staring, so she decided to wait it out instead of taking her child out in the rain. 

She ordered pancakes for her daughter, and when the food finally came she put them out of reach so they could cool off and she could feed her daughter. We all have done this. It's not something new. We don't want our toddlers eating food that's too hot, let alone making a mess all over the place because when toddlers feed themselves more food ends up all over than in their mouths. 

Apparently, Darla couldn't take the fussy child. While it seemed everyone else in the place didn't mind, Darla had to make a scene and throw To Go boxes at the couple and tell them, “Either she goes or you go!”

I'd like to take a moment to point out that Darla is so involved in what she's saying that she hinted that a 21 month old toddler leave the restaurant herself, while her parents finished eating because the parents weren't the fussy ones. Let that sink in for a moment. 

The couple decided to finish eating rather than, again, head out into the rain with empty bellies and To Go boxes. Darla, again, couldn't take it and slammed her hands down and angrily pointed at the toddler and yelled, “You need to shut the hell up!”

Firstly, you don't yell at someone else's child. It's not your place, or your job. Secondly, one who honestly believes that screaming at a fussy child will shut them up is more delusional than originally believed. 

While the story is shocking in and of itself, the people who are supporting the owner of the diner is even more so. Even after she posts things like this in response to the mother's Facebook review of her experience there.  

You can read the mother's account of it all HERE

Now, with all that said, if this were to happen to me when either of my children were toddlers - the outcome would have been totally different. No one yells at my kids, but me. And when they're yelled at, it's for bad behavior. Having a meltdown is not bad behavior. 

This Darla Trash would be walking with a permanent limp and possible some facial damage. I'm just sayin'. 

Monday, July 13, 2015

Wonderful Advice For Stepparents

I was having a discussion today with a friend of mine who was asking advice as to how to tell a step mother to not claim her stepchildren as her own. A friend of hers from high school and her husband have custody of the husband's children, but constantly posts and says things like 'my kids' on the constant.

She wanted to know how to tell her in a nice way....and after I was done laughing (because we all know I'm not known for my tact), I guided her to a blog that I found on the matter.
A blog I wished someone I know would have read.

1. You are not their mother. Or their ‘Bonus Mom,’ for that matter. Even if your husband has primary custody of the kids. Even if their biological mother rarely sees them. Even if they CALL you mom. Do not make the mistake of believing in your heart that you have all the same rights and privileges as the woman who gave birth to them– because you don’t. You can have a meaningful, loving, influential relationship with your stepchildren, but it will be different from that between a mother and child. That’s okay. Embrace it, and make the most of it.
2. Silence is the best policy. We live in a world where everyone loves to vent, whether it’s on Facebook, over the phone, or during a Girls Night Out, but take it from me– No one likes to hear a stepmother vent about her husband’s ex or her stepkids. One of the hardest parts about being a stepmom is the need to keep quiet about the tough stuff, and how it’s affecting you. If you’ve got to let it out, limit your thoughts to a very close, trusted friend, or even better- tell it to your counselor or therapist. Which brings us to number three.
3. Find a counselor or therapist, even if you don’t think you need one. My husband and I didn’t visit a counselor until we’d been married eight years- HUGE MISTAKE. I went into the first session thinking I was a horrible stepmom and that our problems raising the girls were unique to us and insurmountable, and do you know what the counselor told us? “You guys are doing great” I really, really, really needed to hear that. Going to see a counselor helped me stop beating myself up and allowed me to realize that what we were experiencing was actually NORMAL. For me, that changed everything. Also? You might need to visit a few counselors/therapists before you find the one that’s right for you. Be prepared to shop around until you find someone you and your husband are both comfortable with.
4. It’s okay to take a step back. This was initially a tough one for me, because I thought my girls needed me to act just like I was their mom. WRONG. Remember number one? I’m not their mom, and acting like I was probably caused some resentment and confusion on both ends. I now believe that a good stepmom is physically/emotionally available when her stepkids need and want her to be– and she backs off and becomes a behind-the-scenes supporter to her husband’s parenting when they don’t.
5. Protect your marriage at all costs. You and your husband need to be each other’s refuge, particularly when you’re having issues with your children or stepchildren. If childrearing issues are pulling you apart, pinpoint exactly what’s hurting your marriage and protect your relationship in this area immediately and relentlessly. A counselor can be WONDERFUL at helping you do this. Ultimately, zealously protecting your marriage benefits everyone- Your stepchildren need to see you and your husband stay together and fight for your relationship, even when times are tough. It will teach them to do the same some day.
6. Don’t compare yourself to other stepparents. You will come across other stepmoms who can’t stop raving about how WONDERFUL their relationships are with their stepchildren. “They tell me ALL their secrets!” they’ll gush. “They told me they think of me as their REAL MOM!” “They convinced the city to hold a parade in my honor!” Etc. Don’t let it get you down. Remember what I said earlier? More than 70% of blended family marriages fail. Girl, you don’t need a parade. You’re keeping it together. You’re doing great.
7. Don’t play the blame game. Maybe you, like me, have spent too much time beating yourself up about your shortcomings as a stepmother. Or maybe you think your marital problems are all your stepkids’ fault. Maybe you even think your husband is to blame, because he always seems to take their side. Realistically, you’re probably ALL partially to blame for the problems in your relationships. You can’t change everyone else, but you can change yourself. Work on that, and hope that your efforts inspire others in your family to try harder, too.
8. Forgive yourself. Stepmom, let’s just get something straight right now. You are going to make a lot of mistakes. Like, a LOT lot. Please don’t do what I did and spend years convincing yourself that something is very wrong with you because you seem to screw everything up. Forgive yourself. Over and over and over again. Forgive yourself. And move on.
9. You can’t fix what you didn’t break. My own stepfather said this to me a few years ago. I wish I had heard it a lot sooner, because I spent years trying to do a whole lot of fixing. I really thought I could solve everything and everyone if I just tried hard enough.  What a waste of energy. So many issues a blended family faces come from the divorce, which the stepmother (hopefully) had nothing to do with. As wonderful as I’m sure you are, you can’t fix that.
10. Stick with it and know that you will emerge from this a better person. Now that I have raised my stepdaughters and had time to look back on the experience, I feel like I ran a gauntlet of tremendous emotional challenges and came across the finish line truly changed. I am wiser. I am gentler with myself. I am more reluctant to judge others. I am a far better wife and mother than I would have been without my stepdaughters. Our family is still a work in progress, but the worst is behind us. We made it through. And the experience actually ended up being a huge bonding point for my husband and me.
I certainly don’t want to make being a stepmother seem all gloom and doom, because it isn’t. We’ve had many, many wonderful times together. I would change a lot of things I did as a stepmother if I could go back in time, but I wouldn’t give up my blended family. I still believe I’m here for a reason. We are all imperfect. We all have the potential to be amazing. We are all working toward that potential, in our own time and in our own way. We are learning more about each other as we go. We are all messed up, but you know what? We are family.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

I Did It!

With my RA on the rise in my hands (I've dropped three dog bowls and broken them so far this year.....a new record), I get very excited when I complete a project!  I get even more excited when I complete a project that involves things using my hand strength and it ends up looking pretty good!

That brings us to my latest project.

With all the orders I get in with DawnMoodyDesign, I had all my soap making and lotion bar making and lip balm making (you get the idea) all on my counter top in the kitchen. I can't take a mess. I can't take disorganization. It drives me batty.

I have previously made space in my pantry for some of my basics and bases, but I had all my essential oils and soap molds sitting out. Which meant that at least a 1/4 of my counter was occupied by a mess.

It started by a trip to the 99 Cent Only Store where I saw simple brackets. 2 for 99 cents. I originally bought them to put up a shelf in my kid's room. But I bought three sets and thought I'd make some in the kitchen first.

I went to Lowes and looked at lumber. At first I thought I'd just get like a 2x6, but then I saw some pine 2x2's and thought how cute it would be to glue three pieces together. Just so they're not so boring. That way, I could leave them unfinished too.

So, I cut the wood pieces in half and sanded them all down. Then I took three at a time and glued them together to make one slat. I ended up with three shelves.

I screwed the brackets to the walls and instead of screwing the shelves to the brackets, I turned a lip on them. In other words, the extra part where the wood shelf didn't cover, I turned up to act as a lip.

As far as price - this is the MommieDawn Squeeee part.

5 pieces of lumber at $2.98ea
3 sets of brackets at .99ea
$17.87 (minus tax)

UNDER twenty dollars for three shelves. I'd say that's a pretty good deal!  Even with my RA and everything else that ails this old sluggy body....I did it in one morning/afternoon.

May not seem like much to a lot of people, but I'm pretty proud of myself. LOL I even measured and leveled. Just sayin'.

Oh, I forgot to post this on the 4rth.....a cute dessert I made.  I just made a basic vanilla butter cake recipe and added red food coloring to one and blue to another and cooked them in 8" rounds. Then crumbled them up, layered with whipped cream, strawberries and blueberries.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Does Jennifer Aniston Hate This Picture?

This image is circulating around the internet thanks to Jennifer Aniston's Facebook page. So, let's start there. Aniston isn't a fan of social media. In fact, Jennifer Aniston is not on social media. There are Arabic posts on the page as well, and as far as I know she doesn't speak Arabic.

This should have stopped everyone there. But, not everyone does their homework.

Secondly, the image is not a new image. I've personally traced it back to 2009 and read that it may be as old as 13 years old. I read that it is a photograph taken in 2000 by Ed Freeman, a photographer and a gay man.

According to _

According to Wikipedia, the picture you see to the right was taken in the early 2000’s by Ed Freeman. The person posting this picture under Jennifer Aniston’s name is making it sound like it was taken after the recent Supreme Court ruling. This is not true, it was taken years ago. This flag has also been sold online for years at sites like Getty Images.

The person impersonating Jennifer Aniston also posts videos in Arabic by a person named Ahmed Deedat. His own scholars have accused him of being Anti Christian/Anti any religion other than Islam. Furthermore people on his own facebook page have accused him of spewing hatred against Christianity and they also claim to of have tried to get him suspended.

PLEASE research. Never just sit back and get force fed bullshit then bend over and vomit it out for others to see. LEARN.